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Our Winning Christmas Window 2017

9th December 2017

IMG_7387This year another winter wonderland takes our Window display. With our new Jellycat Elves which move around the window each day keeping an eye on the good girls and boys😉

We at Lisas florist are very proud of our store, this year we have a fantastic range of gifts including candles, reed diffuser’s, Jellycat soft toys. Christmas decorations, garlands and door wreaths.

Aswell as our lovely range of fresh flowers and seasonal foliage, which we can make fresh hand tied bunches or arrangements with. We also stock fresh door wreaths.  Grave wreaths for our loved ones that are not hear to share Christmas with anymore.

So from all at Lisas Florist Selby we wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Florist stories

Victory for Victoria: Film Set Flowers for ITV Drama

30th October 2017

IMG_6570In Spring I had an unexpected phone call from a lady in Church Fenton, who was looking for tradional funeral chaplets. I explained that both myself and Lisa had been taught the tradional ways and that although these methods are only used at Christmas time now for wreaths it is most definitely not a lost trade within the older florists. Later in the conversation it was revealed that the funeral work of chaplets and Laurel garlanding was to be featured on the ITV series Victoria.  As I was already a fan of the show, as you can imagine I was very excited.

Both myself and Lisa had a meeting with Art Director Micheal Howells on the set of Victoria just down the road from Selby at Yorkshire Screen’s new film studio in Church Fenton. The old air hanger now contains the main areas of Buckingham palace. After our meeting in the hub of the Art directors work room we were taken by Michael to look around the set. Firstly we met the creative people making props, curtains, and a full buffet.. And then we were not disappointed starting the tour in the main airhanger beneath the main halls in the servants areas, boot room, under the stair, then Micheal led us upstairs to reveal the stunning walk of the beautiful corridor, Axminster carpets, fully working fires and gilded statues. The chandlers sparked in the light…truly breathtaking. We walked down to the ballroom where music was playing as cast members were practicing there waltz… and then to Victoria boudoir which had just been redone for the second series. 2500 hand covered buttons hold the silk to the walls of the room. Beautiful drapes gave this room the luxury feel…I glanced at the writing table to see the specially selected writing equipment and paper.  The attention to detail was totally amazing.

Returning to the works van a little shell Both Lisa and myself hoped that we would get the contract and later we found we did. Just to be one tiny part in Mammoth Screen’s film production would be very exciting.  Lots of planning started, as Micheal’s eye for the greatest detail became our creation.

Season 2, episode 2 revealed our hard work in a 30 second airing both in the lying of state scene and in the church. All the sweat getting the wreath on the chandelier in the church was totally crazy but the experience of been on location at Allerton Castle and Allerton Church was unforgettable. Both myself and Lisa had great fun.

A few weeks later we did another funeral which has yet to be screened.

Catheryn 😌




Florist stories

Happy New Year 2017

7th January 2017

The delicate spring flowers that survived frost in the garden start entering the world and stretch for the warm sun. A burst of colour explodes in front of our eyes and spring arrives.

A time for new beginnings and fresh starts, new year revolution too.

Happy New Year

Florist stories

Our Winner Window

6th December 2016
Christmas Window Winner

Christmas Window Winner

We are celebrating our win on our Christmas Window display judged at the weekend.  Our inspiration came from local woods and the dream of a winter day to go sledging. Our beautiful Christmas decorations including the glass Big Bens, festive goose and fat fairys. Please visit our Christmas store for lots of decorative delights..

Many  thanks to Selby council and Minster fm for there judging.

Florist stories

Christmas Shop is now open

2nd December 2016

img_2109I’m sure this weekend is going to be busy, untangling the fairy lights and unboxing the decoration.  Its a lovely time to spend with friends and family but it’s also a time to  see the world beyond our own lives.  This year my neighbour lost her husband suddenly and now is in the stage of grief process with lots of things to do.  This year her daughter and family are coming to stay with her. So I thought it would be nice for her to have some fairy lights in the front garden to give a sense of celebration for her husbands life.  So last Sunday my daughter and I went over to my neighbour and decorated the garden.  She was so pleased it brought her to tears.. It was minutes of our time but hours of  pleasure for my neighbour.  We deliver to graves if you can’t get to the cemetery this year and are making wreaths and posies in all seasonal colours.

We have some great decorations this year to suit any taste, were delivering flowers and planter all Christmas week. We also have some fantastic jelly cat toys and lovely charbonel et walker chocolates.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year from all the staff at Lisas Florist

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Spookerly fantastic!

19th October 2016

Autumn is in the air and the classic signs are when the leaves change colour and some start to fall.
Well I don’t know about the rest of you, but I go into hibernation mode. Thinking what I’m having for tea keeps me warm all day, and just can’t wait to jump into my pjs and get cosy.
When the garden is starting to look brown and crisp and all looks a bit soggy after the rain…
We all need a bit of a lift and so when the pumpkins start appearing in the supermarket when I know it’s time to dust down the witches broom and begin thinking about Halloween…
This year I had the opportunity of enquiring some fantastic Cornus (dogwood) which has the most lovely dark red stem. With the help of my youngest daughter, we spent a Saturday morning picking the leave of each stem then creating a arch for over the door. Tied with wire and secured, we then went to the local woods and found pine cones and moss to give a natural base to our arch.
Now a few days later we have purple fairy lights and waiting for some Halloween treats coming from the shop. All the witches you could want are now displayed at Lisas Florist store and we are stocking up on mini pumpkins and gourds… So come along if you dare…

Happy Halloween!

Florist stories On the road

Chelsea flower show 2016

31st May 2016

Chelsea flower show 2016


This year was no disappointment at the Chelsea flower show. With an abundance of floral ideas to meet everyone’s tastes. Every year there are more than 70 new plants introduced to Chelsea. Exhibitors in the Great Pavillon are invited to submit there new plant and then assessed by R.H.S experts. A short list is made of the top 20 and these are shown in the show. R.H.S Chelsea select one of these plants to be ‘Plant of the Year’. This year was a Yorkshire winner ‘Clematis Chiisanensis’ Amber from Taylor’s Clematis Sutton road, Sutton, Askern, Doncaster. This is a wonderful achievement, well done to them.

The poppy display had a moving effect on the people that stood a gazed. The haze of ruby reds that created a carpet of crocheted poppies, made by people all over the world. The exhibit designed and curated by Phillip Johnson (winning best in show garden 2013). Covering an area of more than 800mtr the poppies commemorate the soldiers who died during world war 1, from Australia and New Zealand.

The atmosphere is the flower show is about people’s passion for flowers, plants and outdoor living. It’s got to be said that everyone that attends Chelsea takes away a bit of it with them. Wether it be photos or a plant or two or three! The little garden accessory to be placed as a finishing touch, or just plenty of ideas to do at home. The sky’s the limit, small or big budgets…
The gardens had a trend of lots of foxgloves this year and seeping though each border was a grasses, which looked really good. Going to try this, this year as it fills in a few gaps and also keeps the weeds down too.. See how we go, will keep you posted on that one. My favourite colours were the purples lilacs and pinks all merged together in a perfect perfume.. With a hint of cream. The not to formal gardens had a relaxing theme, and really focus on outdoor living too. Please enjoy these snap shots of the day. And if you didn’t get this year there’s always next! 🌸



Pictures from the great Pavillon, lg garden, gods own county Yorkshire garden, hasqvarna garden, artisan garden. And asdas garden bed!

Heres a special pic for Lisa!!


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Our Blog Competition!!!

19th May 2016
Competition Time

Enjoy our New Blog and take part with comments on our story’s and top tips. This blog is about all aspects of life, funny or sad so please take part and enjoy reading.

To enter our competition to WIN a beautiful hand tied bouquet just Subscribe to our blog!

Featured Florist stories

‘A Day in the Life’ Xfactor David Heath

19th May 2016



David Heath was well know in the 2006 Xfactor contest as part of Eton Road, with fellow singers Anthony Hannah, Danny Morris and James Edwards. That year the winner, Leona Lewis took to the world by storm but there is no love lost between the contestants and remain friends. After the show finished David opened a fantastic dance school for kids ‘Attitude Dance’ which is based in Liverpool where the star still lives. Each year he performs in pantomimes around the country, and got to see him when he came in the opera house in York a few years ago. I got to meet David though another friend and I was lucky enough to be able to get an interview with this charming guy.


‘Hi David, what inspired you to first audition for Xfactor?’

‘ I really wanted the band to be know and seen. So though Xfactor would be the perfect show to put us on that platform’

‘What door did it open for you to start your own career?’

‘It opened so many doors I’ve literally worked all around the world performing and meeting people I never thought I’d meet.  I get booked every year for panto and opened my own dance school now using the name’

‘What’s Simon really like?’ I smile with a cheeky grin!

‘He’s actually really funny.  Lovely but loves drama so he likes to cause it then laughs it’s all for good tv really’

‘What’s important to you now? (Family/friends/career)’

‘My career is important but without my friends and family I wouldn’t be me😊’

‘What inspires you now?’

‘My children at my dance school inspire me everyday. They all strive to get better and better and make me push them to there full potential they are so talented.’

‘what advise would you give to younger people?’

‘I’d say don’t let anyone get in the way of your dreams as you get one chance in life so live it!’

‘There’s been a lot in the press about men crying, what’s the last thing that made you cry? (Sad or with laughter)’

‘I cried the other night watching Surprise Surprise lol…. I love a good cry haha sad or laughing its normal!! You always feel good after a good cry haha.’

‘Who was the last person you brought flowers for?’

‘My mum, I buy her flowers every week just to let her know I love her..I’m a mummy’s boy lol so she gets white roses every Friday’ 😊

‘What do you normally buy your mum for Mother’s Day?’

‘The question should be what don’t you buy your mother on Mother’s Day lol. She is very spoilt lol’

‘Whats your favourite flower?’

‘Red roses, it has to be the big ones though’🌹

‘Thanks David for a catch up on how life after XFactor transformed your life and been such a lovely person’ lol X

Featured Florist stories Weddings

Carlton Towers wedding fair

15th March 2016
Brushing brides at Carlton Towers


A beautiful selection of floral designs to wet your appetite.  A sunny afternoon of romanic planning….



Carlton Towers was the host of the spring wedding fair this March and we were lucky enough to be taking part in accompanying other wedding companies to showcase are designs and services. We met many blushing brides-to-be and some grooms-to-be too…

Planning a wedding is exciting but can be stressful too, please see our planing a wedding post on our blog for some ideas on planning basics (no frills)

Here are some pictures from the event.


We have many ideas to set the seen for your wedding celebrations small or large.






book an appointment today to chat about all your floral requirements on 01757708888.